API Endpoints

API base URI

API calls should be made to https://api.quicklizard.com

General Notes

When making API calls, please note the following:

  • Unless otherwise specified, numbers must always be formatted as floats in US-style decimal-point, without thousands separator.
  • For GET requests to our products catalog, the maximum results per page is limited to 500 products
  • For POST / PUT requests to create / update products in our system, payload is limited to a maximum of 50 per request
  • It is your responsibility to handle any 500 errors produced due to invalid / failed API calls
  • You are expected to use our API in a reasonable manner, and avoid excessive API calls that will produce unnecessary load on our systems
  • In the API examples, be sure to replace YOUR_API_KEY_HERE and YOUR_API_DIGEST_HERE with real values as explained in the Authentication section.

Available Endpoints